The top three startups at SuperFounders Investment Forum

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Past Tuesday we had the privilege to be at the Technology Park of the Istanbul Technical University(ITU), where in collaboration with the ITU, the EBAN and the Turkish association of business angels, we organized the SuperFounders Investment Forum.

ARI Tehnokent, ITU Istanbul


The venue was perfectly chosen, as to showcase the enormous investment Turkey is making into entrepreneurship and the resulting Techno park was nothing short of stunning. Just to illustrate the scale of the investment, our taxi driver got lost inside the techno park complex. Below is the magnificent view of Istanbul from the top floor of building 7, where the event took place.

Aleksandar Tasev Ari Teknokent ITU

The main segment of the SuperFounders Investment Forum was the pitching session of eleven startups from the digital space. I was really fortunate to work with some of the selected companies to improve their investment readiness before the event. Apart from the elementary pitch practice, there were a number of bottom-up shakedowns of product and business concepts, resulting in pivots or key sharpening of the value proposition or elevator pitch. The list published last week, was extended with four high-quality local startups, originating tom the ITU technopark:

  • Kuax - a personalized shopping window, which uses transparent LCD and image recognition technology to display promotional animations to shoppers matched to their gender.
  • Hangaar - an augmented reality middleware, connecting vision gadgets, image processing and ERP systems, to automate warehouse and retail processes.
  • Tabtoy - an engaging combined digital and physical game for toddlers and little children. Video demo.
  • Smartstay - an interactive customer service and intelligence portal for hotel chains.

Ljupco Vangelski - Vapour Apps pitch

 Ljupco Vangelski, founder of Vapour Apps with his 5 minutes on stage pitching to the jury.

The startups pitched to a prestigious jury composed of investors and entrepreneurship leaders:

They placed scores for each of the eleven startups on the strength of the team, market potential, market position, USPs and presentation quality. A snapshot of the pitching jury below:

SuperFounders Pitching jury

In a relatively evenly matched field with consistent quality, the top three startups were:

Congrats to all participating startups and good luck in negotiating the investments with the sharks! :) 

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